What is CampusCamp?

CampusCamp is a Barcamp style event organized in educational institutions. Its goal is to promote knowledge sharing and building communities of practise between students, postgraduates, lecturers and staff within the educational institution.

    • Everyone are encouraged to submit talks, make it students, postgraduates , lecturers, and staffs.
      • Any topic are accepted, including but not limited to :
        1. Talks about educational papers
        2. Talks about technologies
        3. Talks about hobbies and interests
        4. Talks teaching how to do something
        5. Workshops related to above
      • Topics can be from any field of interests, make it IT, physics, chemistry, arts, social, entertainments, etc.
      • To keep the event friendly and useful, these topics are banned:


        What is Barcamp?

        BarCamp is an international network of user-generated conferences (or unconferences). They are open, participatory workshop-events, the content of which is provided by participants. Anybody can run a session or give talks, and attendees vote by their feet - ie: leave the room if the talk is of no interests to the attendee.

        Running your own CampusCamp

        Running a CampusCamp is easy. We try to keep the format simple so that it can be replicated by everyone. Failure is an option. A CampusCamp can still be considered successful if it manage to get only 5 people to attend and contribute.

        Here are the rough steps to follow if you are thinking of organizing one. They are mainly a guidance and not a strict instruction, so improvise it where you think necessary.

        1. Secure a venue and date - 2 or 3 rooms, preferably with some sort of internet access
        2. Contact us for an event page in this site (if you want to have the event page here, else you can also host your own site, the CampusCamp name is open for anybody to use, if you want us to link to you, just send an email). The event page system already provide core features to help you organize the event, which are:
          1. Session submission
          2. Attendee registration
          3. Agenda organizer
        3. Start promotion and registration
          1. Promote using social media (Google+, Facebook, Twitter)
          2. Promote using posters within the educational institution
            1. Post them at announcement boards
            2. Distribute them in classes
            3. Distribute them to lecturers who might be interested, get the lecturers to get their students in too
          3. Encourage everyone to give talks - students, postgraduates, lecturers, staff - regardless what topic. Everyone are equal in a Barcamp.
        4. Run the event
          1. In the morning, open a registration desk/booth to track those who are attending
          2. If there are many sessions, start a voting session for the talks -
            1. List the talks on sticky notes on whiteboard or somewhere.
            2. Let everyone who are submitting a talk pitch about their session for 1 minute, and let people vote on which talk they want to hear by marking the sticky note with their vote.
            3. Filter out talks which got very few votes, up until you can fit all available talks into the rooms.
          3. Assign the talks into rooms - a whiteboard with sticky notes usually works great here
          4. Let it flow, and improvise along the way.
            1. Encourage attendees to post to social media / write blog posts / upload pictures of the event
            2. Encourage attendees to help out in the event organizing process
          5. Before ending the event, announce/gather a group of people to organize the next CampusCamp
        5. After the event
          1. Write an event reports with photos. Post it in blogs, social network, etc. Boast about it.
          2. Get everyone who attended to write blog or social network posts about it.
          3. Send links to the event reports , blog posts, etc to us for our records.
          4. Announce who are the people who will be organizing the next CampusCamp in your place, and get ready to organize the next CampusCamp in the next academic term.

        For a more guides on how to organize barcamps, check out this page :